Bali West National Park

It is a well-hidden secret, however it is possible to stay at the Bali West National Park. We did so, and it was a unique and great experience to try and live in harmony with nature and animals.

The tiny eco-resort Nusabay Menjangan by WHM is located on a protected peninsula at the West National Park. It is hidden in nature and the only thing giving it away, that there is in fact a resort, is a wooden bridge . Behind the bridge is a 14 bungalow lodge resort that is with consideration for nature and animals. The small private beach it is located on is surrounded by a coral reef and crystal clear water. It is a 3 star, “un-fancy” resort in every way, nevertheless it is a unique gem, that I would recommend to everyone.

It has everything you need; nice and attentive staff, air-con lodges, a restaurant right on the beach (serving all meals and everything in between), a pool and even a spa.

On sight you can book trips to Menjangan Island for snorkling or diving and you can book a ranger to go trekking in the park. Both can be recommended. The reef just on the Koral beach is also very very nice, and various amount of fish in many colours and shapes can be seen here. Most animals from the park comes to visit the resort, since they provide water holes for the animals. Every day they came to “visit”: deers, monkeys (grey and black), squirrels, birds and more. Such a treat for the girls, however we also enjoyed the elegant deers and the teasingly monkeys. The trekking trip is 2 hours and around 7 kilometers done in the early morning before it gets too hot.

Visiting this area of Bali is something I truly wish all guests here could experience. The beautiful trip through the mountains and the different landscape of north Bali is not to be missed. It is a long trip due to traffic, it takes approx 5 hours from/to Ubud or Seminyak. But trust me, it is worth it. Oh, and the only way to get to the resort is via boat from the small Lalang habour (a 20 minute ride that the hotel provides for you).

I always think the place you stay at is a big part of your local experience, and at the Waka resort it becomes very obvious. So grateful to have been given this tip from a friend. I now pass it on, and wish you a beautiful West Bali National Park trip.


Contact the resort directly here and found out more.


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